The Six Skills

Early literacy is everything a child knows about reading and writing before he or she can read or write.

Six basic skills comprise early literacy and help determine whether a child will be ready to learn to read and write:
  1. I Love Books!
  2. Words, Words Everywhere!
  3. What's this, what's that?
  4. Easy as ABC
  5. What's the story?
  6. Sounds LIke Fun!
Get Motivated!
Print Motivation: An interest in and enjoyment of books.

Why Is It Important?
Kids who enjoy books and reading will be curious about reading and motivated to learn to read for themselves. Motivation is important because learning to read is HARD WORK.  It's important that we make sure our children start reading and listening to books from day one, and that they have a good time with books.

What Can You Do to Help Build this Skill?
•    Have fun!
•    Read books you both like.
•    Stop (or shift gears) when it is no longer fun. Length of time is not important; enjoyment is!