Child Care Subsidy



The Subsidized childcare program is funded through state and federal dollars to assist parents or their legal guardians with the cost of safe and quality childcare for children under the age of 13.  Families who receive financial assistance may choose the childcare program that meets their need however, they must be approved to receive childcare subsidy funds.

In order to qualify for childcare subsidy, the family must meet the income guidelines and meet one of the needs for childcare.  The following situations meet the need criteria to be eligible for childcare subsidy:

  • You are working or attempting to find work through the Work First Family Assistance Program
  • You are attending a school or a job training program which will lead to employment
  • Your child is receiving services from Child Protection (CPS)
  • Your child needs care to support child welfare services or your family is experiencing a crisis
  • Your child has developmental needs

Onslow County has served between approximately 1,540-1,067 children in the last few years.  An application and an interview for services is required in order to be found eligible and receive assistance.  You must apply in person at Onslow County Consolidated Human Service Building. 

 Please note: funding for this program is limited and at times there is a waiting list for services. It is important to apply in order to get on the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I bring to my application interview? Proof of Employment to include but not limited to a month’s worth of paystubs and a work hours form (put the form link here), Current School Schedule, and Current ID. After the interview the caseworker will let you know if anything else is needed for the application.
  • What are the income limits for eligibility?
  • How long does the application process take? The application process could take up to 30 days depending on what is requested from the interview or the caseworker’s workload.
  • Do I have to pay for anything and if so, how is it figured?  You will have to pay a parental fee to the child care center of your choice.  The Parent Fee is figured according to your gross monthly income and the plan of care that you are eligible for.
  • What is Gross Monthly Income?  This is the total income of the family before any deductions come out such as taxes, insurance, retirement etc.
  • What is a plan of care and what hours can my child attend the center? A plan of care is the number of hours that child care subsidy will help pay for child care.  The plan of care is determined by the number of hours that you are working or in school and the hours in which the child care center of your choice is open. 
  • How do I find a child care center?
  • One Place has Child Care Resource and Referral Specialists that can help you find a child care program that is suited to your family’s needs.  Visit their website at, text "child" to 910-333-0608, or call them at 910-938-0336
  • Do your own search using the DCDEE website ( and/or calling and visiting the child care facilities.