Strategies & Resolutions

High-Impact Opioid Abatement Strategies

In keeping with the National Settlement Agreement, opioid settlement funds may support programs or services listed below that serve persons with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) or any co-occurring Substance Use Disorder (SUD) or mental health condition. As used in this list, the words “fund” and “support” are used interchangeably and mean to create, expand, or sustain a program, service, or activity.

  1. Collaborative strategic planning
  2. Evidence-based addiction treatment
  3. Recovery support services
  4. Recovery housing support
  5. Employment-related services
  6. Early intervention
  7. Naloxone distribution
  8. Post-overdose response team
  9. Syringe Service Program
  10. Criminal justice diversion programs
  11. Addiction treatment for incarcerated persons
  12. Reentry Programs

For a detailed explanation of each of the twelve strategies, view High Impact Abatement Strategies


FY23 Resolution
FY23 Resolution - Amended
FY24 Resolution