Economic Services Programs

  1. Child Day Care

    Assistance with child care is available to families who meet certain income guidelines based on family size.

  2. Child Support

    See who to contact for child support information.

  3. Emergency Assistance

    Emergency Assistance is designed to assist with families’ sporadic emergency needs, such as a utility cut-off (electric or water) or an eviction notice.

  4. Food & Nutrition Services

    The Food and Nutrition Services program is designed to promote better nutrition for low-income families by increasing their ability to purchase healthy foods.

  5. Medicaid Programs

    There are several different groups of individuals who qualify for Medicaid benefits. All have income limits and some have resource limits.

  6. Program Integrity

    There is a separate unit that deals exclusively with investigating all allegations of fraud.

  7. Work First Employment Services

    Work First Employment Services assists qualified Work First recipients in becoming self sufficient and free of long term welfare dependence.

  8. Work First Family Assistance

    Work First Family Assistance offers a short term cash assistance program to assist families in achieving self-sufficiency by providing for themselves and their children.