Types of Elections

Presidential Primary

Only occurring during Presidential Election years (ex 2012, 2016, 2020, etc) this election date will be dependent on another state's primary so please refer to our home page for further information.

General Election Primary

Held in May, on the Tuesday after the first Monday, of even numbered years. In a primary election, each party nominates candidates to run in the General Election. You may only vote with the party that you are registered (Republican, Democratic, Libertarian). If a voter is registered Unaffiliated, before being allowed to vote, they must choose a ballot (Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Non Partisan).

General Election Second Primary

If during any party race in the First Primary one candidate does not receive a majority of the vote, the two having the highest number of votes will run again. Only voters who either voted that party ballot in the first primary, registered with that party, or registered unaffiliated and did not vote in the first primary may vote in the second primary.

General Election

Held in November on the Tuesday after the first Monday during even numbered years. Every four years you may also vote for President. All registered voters may vote for any candidate or issue on the ballot regardless of party affiliation.

Municipal Election

Held in November during odd numbered years to elect city officials. You must be a resident of the city/town to vote in a municipal election. Contact your city hall for further information.