Septic Systems

  1. Existing Septic Systems

    Locate procedures and forms related to land with an existing septic system on it and its management.

  2. Migrant Housing

    Each year, the NC Department of Labor's Migrant Housing Bureau requires that certain inspections be done on migrant labor camps/houses prior to occupancy.

  3. Repairing a Septic System

    You can not fix the septic system nor can a septic installer fix the malfunctioning (failing) septic system without a permit from the Health Department

  4. Septic System Community Assistance Fund

    The Onslow County Septic System Community Assistance Fund (SSCAF) is a low interest loan program designed to assist property owners possessing failing septic systems with necessary repairs.

  5. Soil Evaluations

    Understand the Perk Test and soil evaluation process.