Events & Programs

Teens and Tweens
Teen Lock In

​Tween Time (Ages 10-12)

Tweens, come join us for fun, games, music, movies, food, and more at the library!

Jacksonville: Jan 17 & Feb 21; 4:30pm

SPARK! A Homeschool Program (Grades 6-12)

A fun-filled program for homeschool students in grades 6-12. Join us for a creative writing share and book club.
*Registration required; Please call 910.324.5321.
Richlands: Dec 5 & Feb 6; 2pm

Teen Volunteer Orientations (ages 13-18)

Our teen volunteers are a valuable resource in our library system. Earn SAT and Junior Honor Society volunteer hours, learn new skills, and give back to your community!
Jacksonville: Dec 11, Jan8 & Feb 12; 5:30pm
Richlands: Dec 5 & Feb 6; 4:30pm
Sneads Ferry: Dec 10, Jan 14 & Feb11; 4:30pm
Swansboro: Dec 5, Jan 2 & Feb 6; 4pm

Teen Advisory Board

Help us plan teen programs; discuss books, music, movies and more while having fun and receiving service hours.  Let your voice be heard!  
Jacksonville (Age 13+): Dec 5, Jan 9 & Feb 6; 4:30pm Sponsored by Pizza Hut of Jacksonville, Gum Branch
Richlands (Grades 6+): Dec 5 & Feb 6; 4pm

Teen Scene (ages 13-18)

Grab a friend and join us for fun, games, music, movies and food at the library!
Jacksonville: Dec 19 (Christmas Party), Jan 16 & Feb 20; 4:30pm
Swansboro: Every Thursday; 5:30pm Sponsored by Swansboro Pizza Hut

​TNT (Grades 6-12)

Teens and tweens are invited to enjoy fun games and activities for an explosive good time!
Sneads Ferry: Jan 24 & Feb 28; 5:30pm
Richlands: Dec 12, Jan 9 & Feb 13; 4pm Sponsored by Richlands Pizza Hut

​Teen Lock-In: Escape the Library Challenge (Grades 6-12)

Teens will work together to solve riddles and locate clues that will allow them to escape the library.
Richlands: Jan 25; 7-9pm
*Registration required. Please call 910.324.5321.

​Teen DIY

Join us as we discuss and explore those everyday “life skills” and “how to” situations. Teens will explore basic first aid, balancing a checkbook, changing a tire, social media etiquette, job applications, etc. Topics will change monthly.
Jacksonville (13+): Jan 23 & Feb 27
Richlands (Grades 6+): Dec. 19; Jan. 16; Feb. 20; at 4pm

​Teen Harry Potter Book Night

Dear Harry Potter fans, we are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Please leave your broomsticks at the door, keep your wands at the ready, and bring a pair of socks to donate to free the house elves. Dress code: Wizarding robes or Muggle attire.
Jacksonville: Feb 8; 7-10pm

Medieval Times Teen Scene, Richlands Branch Library