Retirement Plans

Onslow County Government is a participant in the North Carolina Local Government Employees' Retirement System. Permanent employees working at least 1,000 hours per year are automatically enrolled in the system and must contribute 6% of their gross salary each pay period. Onslow County Government also contributes a percentage of the employee's salary into the retirement system on the employee's behalf (however this money does not go into the employee's personal retirement fund).

Retirement Eligibility

Employees will be eligible to receive monthly payments at retirement based on their salary, age, and years of creditable service. For more information, visit the North Carolina Retirement System website and click on Benefit Handbook or call 877-627-3287.

Death Benefit

If an employee dies in active service after one year of credit under the retirement system, their beneficiary is eligible to receive a one-time payment (based on the employee's salary and will be no less than $25,0000 and no more than $50,000) in addition to contributions the employee made into the Retirement System.

Separation Allowance

Retired law enforcement officers may be eligible for a monthly allowance payable until they reach age 62 or until they return to any local government employment. For more information, contact Human Resources at 910-347-7600.

North Carolina 401(k) Plan

Onslow County Government also participates in the North Carolina 401(k) Plan and contributes up to 2% of the eligible employee's salary into an account individually set up for them. Employees can contribute pre-tax contributions into their 401(k) account. For more information, visit the NC401(k) website.

Deferred Compensation Plan (457b)

The Nationwide 457b retirement plan is a supplemental retirement plan to which full-time employees can make contributions through payroll deduction.