Replacement Check Process

Waiting Period

There is a 10 day waiting period (10 business days) the County must wait before replacing a check. For example the county wrote you a check on August 31, 2007. If you did not receive the check through the mail the county requires you to wait until September 14, 2007 before beginning the process of replacing the check. If you have in your possession a check that is stale dated (more than 60 days old) you can request a replacement at any time.

Process Overview

Once the waiting period is up contact the County Finance Office to begin the replacement process. The County will verify that a check was written and is still outstanding. A form will be sent to you, either by mail or email, complete the form and send it back to the Finance Office at the address on the form. Please be aware, if the check was written for more that $50 and is not submitted with the replacement check form, the form must be notarized.

Outstanding Checks

Once a year the County is required by the State to send dormant (outstanding) checks to the State's Unclaimed Property Program. By law any checks are still due to the individual the check was written to for a period of ten years. Currently if the County wrote a check to an individual before July 1, 2010 and it was never cashed, the individual the check was written to needs to contact the North Carolina Department of the State Treasury to get the funds.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure please contact the Onslow County Finance Office.