How do I get an E911 address?
Come into our office and show us on the aerial map where you are going to place your structure and where your driveway connects to the street. Your address is based on the location of the driveway to the street and the street addresses are measured in fifty feet increments with odd numbers on the left side and even numbers on the right side. Major highways are measured in twenty-five feet increments. For more information contact our office at 910-937-1190.

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1. Can I get a map outlining all the properties owned by a particular person or company?
2. Can I name my road?
3. Can you do a mailing list within a 1000’ foot radius of a certain property?
4. Can you create a map showing an exact owner with 10 acres or more within the county?
5. Can you change my parcel line boundary if I don’t agree with it?
6. Can you make maps larger than 11x17?
7. How do I get an E911 address?
8. I recently purchased a tract of land that has an easement on it. Why am I being charged with the easement?
9. I’m in the process of constructing a home outside of a municipality or ETJ and I already know my address, do I have to go to your office?
10. What information is used to plot my property lines on GIS maps and how accurate are they?
11. Where can I get a copy of my recorded survey?
12. Why do I have to bring my plat to GIS for a Review Officer’s signature?