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1. How do I make a Family Planning Appointment?
2. What do I bring to a Family Planning visit?
3. Would I be able to get a prescription to cover me for the entire year?
4. Would I be able to get a prescription for birth control without proof of income (since I am between jobs at the moment)while having health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield)?
5. Do I need a pap to refill my birth control?
6. What to bring to an STD appointment?
7. When will STD Results be ready?
8. Are there walk-in/same day services?
9. For STD testing would I need to bring anything? Is it free?
10. Does the Health Department offer paternity or DNA testing?
11. Can grandparents or friends bring children in for services?
12. Can I receive services other than well care?
13. Does the Health Department offer parenting classes?
14. Does the Health Department provide free birth control?
15. How do I obtain a copy of my immunization or medical record?
16. When is pregnancy testing offered?
17. Where can I get a copy of a birth or death certificate?
18. Where can I get a Social Security card?
19. Where can I get assistance with prescriptions?
20. Where can I get my blood pressure checked?
21. Where do I apply for Medicaid?