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Mass Evacuation Transportation Needs

  1. Mass Evacuation Transportation Registry
  2. This survey is intended to give Onslow County Emergency Management advanced notice that you and/or your household do not have transportation resources available in the event of a mass evacuation of your area of the county in the face of a pending disaster, such as category 4 or 5 hurricane, in which total evacuation of the county has been ordered.
  3. Space requirements will limit each individual to one small carry-on bag (small gym bag) that can be placed under your seat. Other restrictions include: no pets, no firearms or other weapons of any kind, no alcoholic beverages, and no illegal substances. Transportation will be provided to a state-designated shelter located somewhere outside the county.
  4. Please also bring the following with you:
    • Medications • Extra clothing • Blankets or sleeping bags • Special dietary foods if non-perishable • Flashlight and extra batteries • Infant formula, diapers, baby food • Personal hygiene items • Small toys, puzzles, books, etc. to entertain children
  5. Please complete the following information:
  6. Other individuals in the household requiring transportation assistance
  7. Does anyone listed require transportation in a wheelchair?*
  8. Does anyone listed require transportation on a stretcher (bed)?*
  9. Does anyone have special medical needs such as oxygen, respiratory support, IV, Feeding Tube, etc? *
  10. Person completing the form:
  11. If you are not one of the registered members, please share your information with us so that we may contact you should we have any questions.
  12. We also ask, if you are completing the form on behalf of another, that they are aware of this registration. It is best to print the completed form for them for their records.
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