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  • Zoning is a land use tool where properties are assigned a zoning classification to best suit the character of their neighborhood. Zoning also includes setback requirements designed to prevent negative impacts from development on a neighboring property being too close to the property line. For the average property owner, zoning provides more protection than restriction.

    Onslow County implemented county-wide zoning in phases; this process was completed in 2005. As a result, all properties in the County's zoning jurisdiction now lie within a zoning district boundary. The zoning ordinance includes seven residential districts, two commercial districts, two industrial districts, a conservation district, and a rural agricultural district. Included in the zoning ordinance is a map showing the zoning district boundaries and text containing regulations that apply to the various uses of land in the zoning districts.

    A central part of the zoning ordinance is the Table of Uses, which shows what type of development or use of land is permitted in each zoning district. The Table of Uses distinguishes between uses that merit detailed consideration and those that do not by dividing uses into three categories:
    Permitted (P) – These uses are permitted by right and require a zoning permit, which is typically issued along with the building permit, assuming all setbacks and other requirements are met.

    Special Requirement Uses (SR) – These uses also require a zoning permit, but the zoning permit application must include a site plan, drawn by a surveyor in most cases.  In addition, the zoning ordinance outlines specific requirements that must be met for each use.

    Special Uses (S) – Some types of development or uses of land are generally appropriate for a zoning district but might have negative impacts that need to be considered in more detail on a case-by-case basis. A public hearing is required for these uses. Owners of properties within 1,000 feet at the site will be notified of the proposed use and notice will be posted on the property. A site plan drawn by a land surveyor or engineer must be submitted with the special use permit application. 

    The zoning map is displayed at the Planning & Development Department offices at 604 College Street, Jacksonville. The County's interactive map provides a convenient way to view the zoning for your property and other useful property information.

    To download the zoning ordinance, click here.

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