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  • Transportation Planning in Onslow County occurs at many levels and involves coordination between Planning and Development Department staff and representatives from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), City of Jacksonville, Eastern Carolina Council of Government, and other regional and local organizations to provide quality transportation services for Onslow County’s citizens.

    Jacksonville Urban Area
    The Jacksonville Urban Metropolitan Planning Organization (JUMPO) is responsible for transportation planning within the Jacksonville Urban Area boundary, which includes all incorporated areas of the City of Jacksonville and portions of Onslow County. JUMPO consists of representatives from the City of Jacksonville, Onslow County, NCDOT, and area military bases, with the City of Jacksonville designated as the Lead Planning Agency. JUMPO facilitates a regional, cooperative planning process that serves as the basis for the expenditure of all federal transportation funds in the area for improvements to the transportation network including streets, highways, bridges, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian paths. JUMPO is responsible for carrying out an annual work program which includes updating the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (a seven-year project programming schedule) and a Long-Range Transportation Plan (a minimum twenty-year forecast of projects and programs).

    Onslow County
    Comprehensive transportation planning at the county level is performed by NCDOT's Transportation Planning Branch. Onslow County does not yet have a comprehensive transportation plan but is currently the Transportation Planning Branch's first priority in our Rural Planning Organization to receive a comprehensive transportation plan.

    Down East Region
    The Down East Rural Planning Organization (DERPO) serves Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow, and Pamlico Counties. It was formed in order to more effectively funnel transportation dollars to rural areas and engage the public in the transportation planning process.  DERPO is one of twenty such organizations in the state.

    Transportation planning for the State of North Carolina employs a variety of time scales. The Statewide Long-Range Plan, also known as the 2040 Plan, will serve as a blueprint for transportation planning and investment over the next three decades. The 2040 Plan focuses on the policies and programs that are needed to enhance safety, improve mobility and reduce congestion for North Carolinians. It addresses all types (modes) of transportation for which NCDOT has responsibility: highways, aviation, ferries, rail, bicycling, walking and public transit. NCDOT's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a 10-year State and Federal-mandated plan that identifies the construction funding for and scheduling of transportation projects throughout the state. The STIP is updated every two years through a prioritization process that incorporates local input from the MPOs and RPOs.

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