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  • Open Burn Rules

  • North Carolina state law and the Onslow County Solid Waste Ordinance regulate open burning within the county. 

    What can I burn?

    Residents that live within the county jurisdiction and do not receive city trash collection are authorized to conduct open burning of leaves, tree trimmings or yard trash, excluding logs and stumps, if all the following conditions are met:
    -The material burned originates on the premises of a private residence and is burned on that premises;
    - There are no public pick-up services available for the material identified for burning;
    -The burning does not create a nuisance; and
    -A state agency has not issued a burn ban in the area.
    Camp fires and fires used for outdoor cooking and other recreational or ceremonial purposes or for human warmth and comfort that do not create a nuisance and do not use synthetic materials or refuse for fuel are allowed.
    Any burning of non-vegetative material or items is prohibited.  This includes household trash, junk or debris.

    Do I need a burn permit?

    Burn permits are not required to burn yard waste and vegetative debris generated on a premise if:
    -Burning within 100 feet of a dwelling.
    -A water source or method to extinguish the fire is on hand.
    -The fire must be attended at all times.
    For questions regarding the North Carolina state laws regarding open burning, visit www.ncforestservice.gov.   Here you can apply for an open burn permit on line and see if our county is currently under any burn restrictions due to hazardous conditions.

    Burn permits and current burn conditions can be obtained from the following local businesses:

    Dempsey’s Kwik Mart - 1693 Catherine Lake Road
    Onslow Outdoors - 4367 Gum Branch Rd
    T & S Variety - 811 Halls Run Road

    Reid’s Mart - 461 Hubert Blvd
    Sweetings Store  - 410 Bear Creek Rd
    Silverdale Grocery - 1125 Belgrade-Swansboro Rd

    Pumpkin Center Lawn and Garden - 1103 Wolf Swamp Rd
    Riggs Country Corner - 2105 Belgrade-Swansboro Rd
    Norma’s Country Junction - 2105 Belgrade-Swansboro Rd

    Water’s Hardware - Swansboro, NC

    J & N Grocery - 351 Beulaville Hwy
    Crafts Store - 718 Cypress Creek Rd
    W.S. Clark Fertilizer - 628 Huffman Rd