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Real Estate

Real estate records are filed in our office and we have records that date back to 1734. These include real estate conveyances, deeds of trust, cancellation of deeds of trust, power of attorney documents, assumed names, separation agreements, road maintenance agreements and many more.

All real estate documents filed in this office are public record and are available for public inspection at our office between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. We cannot assist you in completing forms or by performing a title search, as we are prohibited from the unauthorized practice of law under North Carolina General Statutes.

If you are mailing a recording into our office, please provide a self addressed stamped envelope so that we can return it back to you.


Effective July 1, 2013

Due to the recent changes approved by the Onslow County Tax Office, the person(s) submitting Deeds to the Register of Deeds for recording must have the Tax Certification Form attached to the back of the original Deed at the time presented for recording.

For a sample of the form, please click here.


Recording Standards 

Recording Standard requirements are as follows:

Paper Size - 8½ x 11 or 8½ x 14

Margins - Blank margin of 3 inches at the top of the first page, blank margins of ¼ inch on remaining sides of first page and on all sides of subsequent pages.

Font Size - Typed or printed in black on white paper in a legible font. A font size no smaller than 9 pts shall be considered legible. Blanks in an instrument may be completed in pen and corrections to an instrument may be made in pen.

Pages - One sided only.

Instrument Type - State type of instrument at the top of first page.

Penalty - If the above requirements are not met, the Register of Deeds shall record the document after collecting the non-standard document fee of $25 along with the recording fee. If the instrument is non-standard due to the font size being smaller than 9 pts, the Register of Deeds has the discretion of considering it legible and not charging the non-standard fee.


MAPS/PLATS - The ONLY size accepted for maps and plats is 18 x 24 inches. The original map for our office must be on mylar.