Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How has COVID-19 affected your office?

A - Please CLICK HERE to see our new policies in response to COVID-19.

Q - Do we both have to be present to apply for a marriage license?

A - Yes. Both parties must come in together to obtain a marriage license unless one party is incarcerated, is in the hospital or bedridden. (Proof required)

Q - Does your office handle wills?

A - No. The Onslow County Clerk of Court deals with wills and estates.

Q - Where can I get a title transferred for a Mobile Home?

A - The NCDMV handles the titles for all motor vehicles including Mobile Homes.

Q - I need to prepare a deed. Does your office provide forms?

A - No. The only forms provided by this office are the forms used to create an Assumed Name for a business.

Q - I am interested in searching foreclosure properties. Can I do that in your office?

A - No. These are posted in the Old Courthouse on a bulletin board which is handled through the Onslow County Clerk of Court. We get the documents AFTER the sale occurs.

Q - Can I get tax information from your office?

A - No. You must contact the Onslow County Tax Office for any tax questions.

Q - I paid off my house. When am I going to get my Deed?

A - Your deed was given to you when you purchased the home. No one holds your deed but you. When you pay off a mortgage, the Deed of Trust is cancelled of record by a Certificate of Satisfaction. You can verify the recording of this by visiting our website.

Q - Does your office issue Social Security numbers or replacement cards?

A - No. You must obtain any Social Security information from the Social Security Administration.

Q - How do I add or remove someone from a deed?

A - In order to make any changes on a deed, a new deed must be prepared and recorded. You either have to hire an attorney or act as your own attorney and prepare the document yourself.