Solid Waste Violations

The following are required under the provisions of the Solid Waste Management Ordinance:

  • Trash and rubbish must be properly disposed of and containerized.
  • The accumulation of junk, inoperable equipment, dilapidated furniture and appliances and construction debris is not permitted to be stored for any length of time in public view.
  • Solid waste may not be discarded or abandoned on public property or on the private property of others.
  • Junk or salvage yards may only be established within zoning districts in which they are permitted and shall be screened from public view.
Citizens may call any Land Use staff member with a concern within their neighborhood.  A Land Use Enforcement Officer will make a site visit to determine if a violation exists and then follow up with the tenant and/or property owner to have the property brought into compliance.

Solid Waste Resources