Abandoned, Junked and Nuisance Vehicles

The Solid Waste Management Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance require that certain vehicles be located out of public view.

Citizens may call any Land Use staff member with a concern within their neighborhood.  A Land Use Enforcement Officer will make a site visit to determine if a violation exists and then follow up with the tenant and/or property owner to have the property brought into compliance.

The following are descriptions of regulated vehicles:

An abandoned vehicle is one that has been left on public property and/or county-owned property or left on private property without the consent of the property owner.

A junked vehicle is one that is partially damaged, dismantled or wrecked; cannot be self-propelled or moved in a manner in which it was originally intended to move; is more than 5 years old with an appraised value of less than $100; or does not display a current license plate.

A nuisance vehicle has been found to be a breeding ground for pests; a collection vessel for water and/or grass/weeds; a source of danger due to an entrapment possibility, or exposure of sharp surfaces; a danger for falling over; a collection point for trash or other noxious waste; a point of a concentration of gas, oil or other flammable or explosive materials; or a vehicle declared to be a health and safety hazard.