Library Director's Message

Virginia Sharp March

I remember my first experience with a library summer reading program. It was through the Bookmobile of the Ashtabula County District Library, Ohio, during my summer between first and second grade.

My family would visit the Bookmobile in the parking lot of Dorset Elementary. As we finished books, the librarian would give us stickers to complete our certificate. I no longer have the certificate, but I still have an enjoyment for reading which started that summer. I read all Bobbsey Twins books that summer; I thought that being a twin would be so cool. The love of this series then grew to include the Little House Series (I cried when Jack, the Bulldog, died), Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes and on and on.

The visits to the Bookmobile and participating in the Summer Reading Program had a lasting impact on my reading and my career. Currently, I enjoy leadership, management and self-improvement books.

Each year, Onslow County Public Library presents a Summer Reading Program for those from birth to adult. This year, to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing our theme is “A Universe of Stories!” Join us for free educational and cultural activities for all ages. Our goal is to motivate children to read and maintain their skills throughout the summer break.

Read through the newsletter to find fun and educational opportunities to discover “A Universe of Stories!”