Scam Alert! Some FNS recipients are receiving text messages that state "Your FNS case is about to close" and to click on a link to keep it open. The text may also state "You were chosen to receive food stamps or SNAP". This is a SCAM in order to obtain the FNS recipient's personal information. Delete the text right away. Do not reply. You should never share your social security number, bank information, or FNS EBT card or PIN number. If you are not sure about a suspicious request for information, contact your caseworker immediately. 

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Food and Nutrition Services Participants Can Now Use Benefits At Authorized Online EBT Retailers

May 6, 2020

Starting today, North Carolina Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) participants will be able to purchase groceries online using their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards at authorized online EBT retailers. North Carolina is the 10th state to implement this flexibility, which will remain permanently in place beyond the COVID-19 emergency.

The new flexibility will allow participants to buy food while also promoting social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and helping families with transportation and mobility barriers.

Currently, Amazon and Walmart are the only authorized retailers approved for online FNS purchases nationally. The U.S. Department of Agriculture must approve other retailers who wish to participate in the FNS online purchasing program. NCDHHS encourages other EBT retailers to pursue USDA approval to become authorized online retailers.

More information about North Carolina Food and Nutrition Services can be found at

North Carolina individuals and families can apply for FNS at

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