Med-Drop Locations

Don’t flush unused or expired medications and don’t throw them in the trash.
Safely dispose of them at one of Onslow County’s 7 disposal drop boxes at no charge.

*Med-Drop boxes do not accept needles/ sharps and liquid medications.

Med-Drop Locations

• Jacksonville Department of Public Safety
  200 Marine Blvd., Jacksonville
  Hours: 7am- 12am (midnight)

• Onslow County Sheriff Department
  717 Court Street, Jacksonville
  Hours: 24/7

• Walgreens
  359 Western Blvd., Jacksonville
  Hours: 7am- 12am
**accepts liquids**

• Camp Lejeune
  Provost Marshal Office (PMO)
  Bldg B3 Post Lane, Camp Lejeune
  Hours: 24/7

• Swansboro Police Department
  609 W. Corbett Ave., Swansboro
  Hours: 24/7

• Richlands Town Hall
  302 S. Wilmington St., Richlands
  Hours: 8am- 5pm/ M-F

• Holly Ridge Police Department
  313 Sound Rd., Holly Ridge
  Hours: 8am- 5pm/ M-F

If you would like Project Med-Drop tags or have questions please contact Victoria Reyes at 910.989.3966

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