The Athletics Division of the Onslow County Parks & Recreation Department provides a platform for physical activity focused on ethical behavior, social responsibility, community engagement, and competitive effort that encourages leadership and individual growth.

The Athletics Division operates according to the following core values: 

  • Integrity
    • Demonstrate honesty in all dealings with co-workers & community members
    • Lead by example
  • Respect
    • Demonstrate understanding & patience for individuals
    • Be open to the suggestions of others
  • Teamwork
    • Work together with community organizations to provide a variety of programs and services
    • Work together to accomplish common goals
    • Work collectively for the benefit of the whole organization & county
  • Learning
    • Continuously strive to obtain surveys from the public to better understand the community needs
    • Network with peers in the parks and recreation field to share ideas and enhance the experiences we offer in our county