Youth Services

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

PO Box 885, 220 Georgetown Rd., Jacksonville NC 28540

Office: (910) 455-1202   Fax: (910) 938-1566


The mission of Onslow County Youth Services is to develop and implement programs which will address the needs of delinquent and undisciplined youth and their families in a community-based setting, which in turn will reduce juvenile crime and make our community safer.

Community Service and Restitution

Provides a means for youth to perform community service work and earn funds to pay court-ordered damages to their victims. Youth work in the program at community sites and their earnings are credited against their judgement with the Clerk of Court.

Contact:  Lisa Green, (910) 455-1202, or email

Day Services

Provides intensive social work and other needed services for Level III youth committed to a youth development center and their families including alternative education, counseling, residential services, and social/life skills.

Contact: Angie Tate or Lisa Brown, (910) 455-1202, or email


A skills-based program for high-school aged youth designed to promote positive personal development. Youth will be provided the opportunity to learn and/or enhance interpersonal skills through a curriculum-based intervention. The curriculum is designed to strengthen skills in the following areas: Personal Self-Management Skills, General Social Skills, and Drug Resistance Skills.

Contact:  Karen Springfield or Lisa Brown, (910) 455-1202, or email,

Promoting Positive Actions (PPA)

Provides youth and their families an opportunity to develop and/or enhance skills to make positive choices and reinforce positive actions through a curriculum-based intervention. The program aims to improve youth academics, behavior, and character using an approach to increase positive actions and decrease negative ones to prevent involvement or future involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Contact: Karen Springfield or Lisa Brown, (910) 455-1202, or email or

Temporary Shelter

Provides temporary shelter care placement options, 365 days a year for court and law involved youth as an alternative to the streets, secure detention, and youth development centers.

Contact: Lisa Brown, (910) 455-1202 or email

Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (S.H.A.R.P.)

Provides intensive community-based adolescent sexual offender evaluation and treatment services to youth who have come to the attention of juvenile court/juvenile court services for a sex offense or illegal sexual activity.

Contact: Angie Robles, (910) 455-1202, or email

School Treatment Program

Serves as an alternative for court/law involved youth who receive 3-10 days of out-of-school suspensions by providing academic skills support, a safe supervised environment, decision-making strategies and social skills development to reduce further disruptive school behavior and juvenile court involvement.

Contact: Becky Banks, (910) 455-1202, or email

Onslow County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

The mission of the Onslow County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council is to address youth behavior by prioritizing needs and investing in effective programs that positively impact youth.

Contact: Angie Robles or Amy Dail, (910) 455-1202, or email