Onslow County's Food Heritage: Production, Processing, and Preservation

One thing brings us all together no matter where we are from, and that is food. Necessary for sustaining life, food and its production is much more than just sustenance. Cultures look to their food ways as an identity, meals belonging to a particular heritage. "Local Flavor" tells the story of the intersection of cultures, from enslaved African’s and their descendants to European colonists, to those brought to Onslow County during and after World War Two. Using oral history interactives you will be able to hear various accounts of food ways evolution during the latter half of the twentieth century. Today’s food landscape in Onslow County is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. Explore these exhibit panels that tell the story of Onslow County’s rich food heritage.

on the farm
Hog Killing
hunting and fishing
eating out
at the store
food insecurities