Adult Care Home Monitoring


The purpose of the Adult Care Home Monitoring program is to monitor a licensed home to assure compliance with the North Carolina Rules for the Licensing of Adult Care Homes, to provide consultation and technical assistance to home administrators for initial licensure requirements, maintenance of licensure standards, and renewal of license. To assist with investigating violations of licensure standards.

Program Services:

Monthly monitoring visits to document compliance with licensure standards, investigation of complaints of violations of standards or reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of residents, report violations of residents’ Bill of Rights, provide consultation and technical assistance to administrators and staff to improve the quality of care for residents.

Long Term Care in North Carolina

Division of Health Service Regulation

Division of Aging and Adult Services

What Services Are Provided?

  • People in care homes typically need a place live.
  • Some help with personal care (such as dressing, grooming and keeping up with medications).
  • Some limited supervision.
  • Medical care may be provided on occasion but is not routinely needed.
  • Medication may be given by designated, trained staff.

Financial Assistance:

To help low-income families pay for the cost of care in adult care homes, North Carolina operates the Special Assistance Program.

Recently, adult care homes have not only undergone a change in name but also in their source of funding and expectations for staff training.

Medicaid is now a source of support for residents who qualify based on income and personal care needs.