Medicaid Health Plan Information

NC Medicaid Managed Care Heath Plan Assignments Completed for Beneficiaries.

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What is Medicaid Transformation? 

It's a new way to get your Medicaid Benefits. 

Most people will get the same Medicaid services in a new way – through health plans. You will be able to choose the health plan that is best for you. A health plan is a group of doctors, hospitals and other providers. They work together to give you the health care you need. Everything – physical health, behavioral health and medicine – will come from the same health plan.

You will also choose a primary care provider (PCP). A PCP could be your family doctor, clinic or other health care provider. They will help you with your health care needs.

Most people receiving Medicaid must choose a health plan. A small number of people will not need to choose a health plan because of the type of health services they need. They will stay enrolled in NC Medicaid Direct or they can choose the EBCI Tribal Option if they qualify.

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Hay un nueva manera para obetener cuidados de salud de Medicaid. Obtenga Respuestas.

NC Medicaid Managed Care-Introduccion