Beekeeping in Onslow County

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Welcome to Beekeeping in Onslow County!

Onslow County has a vibrant beekeeping community which includes backyard hobbyist, small scale producers and commercial beekeepers who send thousands of hives across the nation for pollination services.  

The N.C. Cooperative Extension - Onslow County Center supports the Onslow County Beekeeping Association (OCBA) with it's programming. The Onslow County Beekeeping Association is a member of the NC State Beekeeping Association which offers testing to become a NC Certified Beekeeper, Journeyman, Master Beekeeping, and Master Craftsman. 

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See a Swarm? Relax!

Honey bees are generally very docile when they swarm.  Swarming is what honey bees do when they are searching for a new home and will generally move on after a few hours.

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