Medical Benefits


Veterans discharged under other than "dishonorable" conditions. Veterans must enroll for health benefits using the 10-10EZ application. You will then be placed in a priority group based on service connected disabilities and/or financial need. Some veterans may have to make co-payments for their VA health care. These co-pays are as follows:
  • $8 for a 30 day prescription
  • $15 for primary care visit
  • $50 for specialized care visits

Private Medical Insurance

VA is required to bill private health insurance providers for medical care, supplies and prescriptions for treatment of non-service connected conditions. Generally, VA does not bill Medicare but will bill Medicare supplemental insurance. All veterans are required to provide information on their health insurance coverage when applying for benefits.


The main VA hospital for this area is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. However you can request to be assigned to the local Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Jacksonville, NC or Wilmington, NC.

Health Registry

Certain veterans can participate in VA health registries and receive free medical examinations to provide special health related information. The current registries available now are:
  • Agent Orange
  • Depleted Uranium
  • Gulf War
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Burn Pit Exposure

Champ VA

This health insurance is available for spouses or children of veterans who are considered permanently and totally disabled due to service-connected disabilities, whose death was due to permanent and total service connected disability or who died on active duty not due to misconduct.

Please note: You cannot receive Tri-Care benefits and Champ VA concurrently.

Dental Treatment

VA will provide dental treatment to veterans who are recently discharged and did not receive a final dental exam. Application for these benefits must be completed within 90 days of discharge. The VA will also provide dental treatment to veterans who have a service connected dental disability, former POWs, and those who the VA considers 100% permanently and totally disabled.


To apply, the Form 10-10EZ and copy of your DD214 should be mailed to:
VAMC Fayetteville
Attn: Eligibility
2300 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

The 10-10EZ form can be obtained in our office, at the CBOC Jacksonville or apply online.

Onslow County Veteran Services


Phone: (910) 347-3309

234 NW Corridor Blvd
Suite 201
Jacksonville NC 28540