Diabetes Prevention Program

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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the body has difficulty regulating blood sugar levels, which causes a wide range of health problems throughout the body. In 2019, 37.3 million Americans (11.3% of the total US population) had diabetes, and 1.4 million more Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Genetics play a role in the likelihood of you developing diabetes, but there are many preventable risk factors that can greatly lower your risk.

What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is diagnosed when an individual has a blood sugar level that is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Those with prediabetes have a high risk of developing diabetes within the next 5 years if there are no changes in weight or moderate physical activity. In 2019, there were an estimated 96 million American adults with prediabetes—most are unaware that they even have prediabetes.

Prediabetes is reversible. A healthy diet and regular physical activity are two of the most important ways to prevent diabetes. For more information about diabetes, visit the CDC website or the American Diabetes Association website. Click the link below to take the prediabetes risk test and assess your risk:

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What is Prevent T2?

Prevent T2, a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), is a year-long, evidence-based lifestyle change program that provides participants with education, encouragement, and the tools necessary to help individuals prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. The program sessions focus on behavior change through interactive education, peer support, and guidance from a trained lifestyle coach. For more information about Prevent T2 and the CDC National DPP, visit the CDC Website.

If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes or believe you are at risk of developing diabetes, join Onslow County Health Department’s Prevent T2 program today! Call (910) 989-3958 or email community_relations@onslowcountync.gov to sign up and be notified of our next class!

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