Real Property

Real property includes land, buildings, detached garages, and other outbuildings and permanent structures. Manufactured homes may also be classified as real property if certain criteria are met.

NC statutes require that all real property be reassessed at least every eight years. Onslow County has adopted a shorter revaluation cycle, and reappraises real property every four years. The next countywide reappraisal is scheduled for January 1, 2022. Please visit the revaluation page for more information.

Real estate is permanently listed, therefore listing forms are not mailed to taxpayers owning only real property. However, during the annual January listing period, property owners are required to list any new buildings, additions, and other additions or deletions which occurred during the previous year, whether or not a building permit was issued.
Real property owners are also encouraged to verify that property characteristics are accurate by visiting our Property Records  website. In the event of any discrepancies, please contact the Appraisal Division at 910-455-7431.