Prepayment Option

Taxpayers have the option of making "prepayments" on their annual bill in order to avoid having to pay the entire bill at one time at the end of the year. Prepayments may be made during the months of January through June, prior to the annual tax bill mailing. This is for real estate and personal property billed during the annual billing cycle. The prepayment Option is not available for registered motor vehicles.

Prepayments may be made in person or by mail. The taxpayer should clearly identify the property to which the payment will be applied by listing the account number, name, and parcel number.

Partial Payments

After the bills are mailed, taxpayers may make partial payments on any remaining balance until the January 6th delinquent date.

Prior Approval

Prepayments and partial payments do not require prior approval by the Tax Office.

Further Information

Taxpayers should contact the Collections Division at 910-989-2202 for further information.