Vehicle Tax

What is a Motor Vehicle Gap Bill? (Click for more information)
Expired Tags

If tags are not renewed but the taxpayer retains the vehicle, the vehicle must be listed as an untagged vehicle during the next January listing period.

Sold Vehicle

Taxpayers who sell or otherwise dispose of their vehicle may be entitled to a prorated refund of taxes paid. In order to obtain a refund (or release of unpaid taxes), the taxpayer must present a copy of the receipt received from the DMV accepting surrender of the registration plates. This must be done within one year of the surrender date. This process also applies when an owner moves out-of-state and registers the vehicle in another jurisdiction.

Wrecked Vehicle

In the event that a vehicle is declared to be a total wreck, the taxpayer may be entitled to a refund if the tag and title is surrendered. In the event of this situation, taxpayers should email or call Betty Brown.

Repossessed Vehicle

In the event of a repossession and to determine if a release or refund is possible, taxpayers should email or call Betty Brown.