Obesity, Nutrition & Wellness

Reducing Obesity Rates

The Onslow County Health Department is committed to helping reduce obesity and encourage a healthy weight. Please view the Community Health Action Plan for Obesity (PDF) for more information.

Eating Healthy

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is an essential part to maintaining your overall health. To feel satisfied with fewer calories, replace high-calorie foods with lower calorie foods. You can eat larger portions of these foods for fewer calories.

For example, follow the advice from ChoseMyPlate to "make half your plate fruits and vegetables."

Get Help

If you are struggling with obesity or other nutritional concerns, the Health Department provides Nutrition and Counseling services.

The Health Department also provides wellness documents on topics such as meal planning, physical activity and food safety as well as a monthly Wellness Newsletter.

​Nutrition & Wellness Newsletters

Healthy foods