Voter Assistance

Get Voting Assistance

If you need help while you are at the polls, you must let the Chief Judge know that you are in need of assistance. The Chief Judge will determine what type of assistance is needed and may ask you to point out the person you would like to help you.

Who Can Provide Assistance

All voters may receive assistance from a person that he/she chooses.

Individuals providing assistance must not persuade the voter to vote in any particular way. They may not make any notes of anything which occurs in the voting booth. They may not reveal how the voter voted on their ballot.

There are certain types of people who can not give assistance. These individuals include:

  • Agent of that employer
  • Agent or officer of the voter's union
  • Voter's employer

Voters may also choose to use the AutoMark which will assist the voter in marking the ballot.

If you would like to volunteer to be a pollworker please complete the Pollworker Interest Form.

Curbside Voting

In any election, a qualified voter who is able to travel to the voting site may vote in the vehicle conveying the voter to the site or in the immediate proximity of the voting site. Conditions that allow for curbside voting include:

  • Age
  • Physical barriers encountered at the voting site or enclosure which preclude the voter from entering without physical assistance in order to vote in person.
  • Physical disability