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If you need a Deputy Sheriff to respond to your location, advise the operator and you will be transferred to a dispatcher at the EOC Center. For urgent matters, call 911.

The operator will assist you with non-urgent calls of other types by connecting you to the proper extension for the person or unit. If you know the extension, you can ask for that extension directly. Supervisor numbers and division/section extensions are available by dialing 910-455-3113, the Front Desk Deputy.

Steps When Making an Emergency Call

To make an emergency call:
  1. Dial the numbers 911 on your telephone. An E-911 Operator will answer the call and write down your information.
  2. Remain calm, speak slowly and clearly.
  3. Explain what type of emergency you are reporting. If the crime is taking place while you are calling, tell the E-911 Operator the incident is in progress.
  4. The E-911 Operator will request your name. However, you do not have to identify yourself when reporting a crime, unless you yourself are the victim of the crime.
  5. Give the phone number you are calling from or a number where you can be reached if further contact is needed.
  6. Stay on the line until the E-911 Operator has all the necessary information.
  7. Give your location, if it is different from the location of the emergency.
Note: In some instances, you may not want the Sheriff's Office to come to your home or otherwise identify you as the person who made the call. Clearly tell the E-911 Operator if you do not want a deputy to come to your home.

Information for Deputies

What deputies need to know regarding a crime or incident:
  • What happened? Where? When? How? Who did it?
  • If a vehicle was involved, what was the license plate number? Color? Make? Model? Year? Which way did it go when it left the scene?
  • How many people were in the vehicle? Were they armed? What was their sex? Race? Age? Height? Weight? Hair color? Clothing? Shoes? Any unusual characteristics?
  • Did they say anything?
  • Be observant. Have as much information as possible.