Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults

Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults is also known as CAP/DA. This program serves as an alternative to nursing home care for adults who wish to remain in their homes and communities. The program is intended to supplement but not replace existing formal and informal services.

Funding & Costs

CAP/DA is Medicaid funded and is intended for individuals who have very limited financial resources. CAP/DA is a waiver program and as such, differs from regular Medicaid. The most significant difference is that eligibility is determined by the income and assets of the beneficiary only. In some instances a beneficiary may be required to pay a monthly deductible toward their cost of care. Your Medicaid eligibility specialist can tell you if this will apply to you and to what extent.

Further Information

If you need further information contact the supervisor of the program or ask for a CAP/DA social worker.