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Foundation Center resources are available to the public free of charge!

Candid Databases for Grants

The authoritative source for information on private philanthropy in the United States for grant seekers, grant makers, researchers, policy makers or anyone. Help on funding research, proposal writing, locating prospective funders, news and research on the field, and training opportunities is available.  Ask staff for assistance. 

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Foundation Directory Online (In-Library Use Only)

Connect with funding opportunities to make a real difference. Foundation Center, now known as Candid, is a unique database of 80,000 grant makers, half a million grants, and 250,000 searchable 990s.

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (In-Library Use Only)

Find funders that provide scholarships, fellowships, and more. This online database has more than 6,200 foundation and public charity programs that fund students, artists, researchers, and other individual grant seekers.

Foundation Directory Online Essential 

(Temporary at-home access to Foundation Center’s Directory Online)

Access from home through 2021

Create an account to sign up for a day pass which allows you to use the platform remotely for 24 hours. A clock at the top of the screen will tell you how much time remains in the pass. Once the pass expires, the clock will show the next date on which you can activate a new one.   

   How to Search for grant opportunities form home!

Candid is currently providing "Day Pass" access to select Foundation Directory Online (FDO) data through FDO Essentials.

  • The day pass allows you to use FDO Essentials remotely during a 24-hour window of time. This ensures Candid's ability to provide secure and reliable remote access to people worldwide.


To start your session, just click here to log in. You'll be asked to enter:

  • Your full name
  • Your OCPL library card number and
  • You email address

After logging in, you'll see a clock at the top of the screen that will tell you how much time remains on the pass for the current session. 

  • After 24 hours, the clock will show the next date on which you can activate a new pass (every 30 days).


FDO Essentials offers access to 220,000+ foundation profiles – covering funder types that include:

  • Private and independent foundations
  • Corporate foundations
  • U.S. Federal Funders
  • Public charities
  • International foundations


Now available with FDO Essentials Day Pass access:  MyFDO features. 

  • Since you'll be able to create an individual account in FDO Essential, you'll have access to MyFDO features that were previously unavailable. 
  • With MyFDO, you'll be able to create dashboards, tag favorite grantmakers, save searches - and then return to them each time you activate a new pass.

A number of key Candid resources that remain available for research and learning through off-site access, anytime access.