Floodplain Management

The goal of Floodplain Management is to provide educational materials and building oversight in flood prone areas to ensure that property owners take appropriate measures to help minimize the damage that flooding can cause during and after flood events.

Preliminary Flood Maps

On June 30, 2016, the State of North Carolina released new preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Onslow County.  These updated maps more accurately reflect flood risks than the effective maps as new data and new modeling technology is now available.

These preliminary maps are available to view through the Onslow County Geographic Information Services (GIS) and the North Carolina Flood Risk Information System (FRIS). While the preliminary maps cannot be used for regulatory (permitting) purposes, it is recommended that property owners consider the maps for planning purposes.

90-day Appeal Period


A 90-day appeal and comment period on the preliminary flood maps began August 17, 2017, and ends November 14, 2017.  

The appeal and comment period is a time set aside for community officials and property owners to formally object to information shown on the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  

Any individual property owner who wishes to appeal proposed Base Flood Elevations (BFE) or comment on other information shown in the preliminary maps should submit their formal objection and supporting data to Cynthia Burley, Floodplain Administrator.  Please see the links below for more information.   

Appeals and Comments Factsheet 

Map Changes and Flood Insurance: What Property Owners Need to Know

Community Rating System (CRS)

Onslow County was recently accepted into the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Rating System(CRS) program with a rating of 7.  This program is available to communities have been found to effectively administer a locally adopted Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and provide exceptional educational resources to the community.    This Rating of 7 results in a discount of up to 15% on flood insurance premiums for property owners with NFIP policies. 

To determine if your eligible for this discount, contact your insurance agent.