Floodplain Management

The goals of Onslow County’s Floodplain Management Program include providing information about flood hazards, flood safety, flood insurance and ways to protect property from flood hazards and promote natural floodplain functions.  The Program also includes administration and enforcement of the Onslow County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance which outlines the standards for development and construction in the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA).  After storm events, Program staff are available to assist property owners in recovery by providing reconstruction guidelines and post-storm mitigation grant resources.

Flood Insurance

Onslow County entered the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1987 after adopting a Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.  Being a participating community allows ALL property owners the ability to purchase federally-subsidized flood insurance.  While flood insurance is required for properties within a SFHA and subject to a federally-backed mortgage, all property owners are encouraged to purchase flood insurance as no property is immune from flooding during any flood event.

New Flood Maps

New flood maps became effective on June 19, 2020.  These maps were adopted in conjunction with an update Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.   The County’s GIS tool, GoMaps, includes layers showing the Historic Flood Maps and the new Effective Maps.  The State of North Carolina also has a website, fris.nc.gov, where property owners can find their flood zone and risk.

Community Rating System (CRS)

In 2015, Onslow County was accepted into the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Rating System(CRS) Program with a rating of 7. This program is available to communities that have been found to effectively administer a locally adopted Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and provide exceptional educational resources to the community. This Rating of 7 results in a discount of up to 15% on flood insurance premiums for property owners with NFIP policies.
To determine if your eligible for this discount, contact your insurance agent.