Asset & Facility Management


 Asset & Facility Management is responsible for planning, directing, and providing cost effective maintenance, repair, and minor construction for multiple facilities occupied by county employees. 


Building safety and proper performance is ensured by providing preventative maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. In addition, staff performs interior and exterior structural repairs and renovations. This department also performs the installation and maintenance of the county road name sign system, which is essential for E-911 service for all Onslow County citizens. If you need to report a missing/damaged road sign please fill out the form.
Asset & Facility Management is responsible for custodial services for facilities occupied by county employees. The custodial staff performs day-to-day cleaning of buildings as well as the collection of trash, setting up for meetings, and the opening and closing of various facilities.

Services Offered

Asset & Facility Management also reserves the Commissioner Chambers Rooms for events. Please contact the office to learn more about booking an event and to receive the fee and policy form.