Existing Septic Systems

This is applied for when an owner/owner legal representative has a parcel of land with an existing septic system on it, but there are no record/permit to indicate such. This occurs in most cases with older septic systems that were placed in the ground prior to the permitting requirement.

The following needs to be done to apply:

1. Application - The application needs to be filled out and it has specific instructions on how to prepare your lot for an existing system inspection.

*If you are not the owner at the time of applying then you will need an Owner's Legal Representative form filled out by the owner giving you permission to apply for this.

2. Map of Property - You will need to obtain a map of the property with accurate dimensions. View property map.

3. Drawing of Property - On your map you will need to indicate where the existing septic system is located that you would like to have permitted. You also need to indicate on the map any dwellings on the property and any other septic system locations that might be on the property. All of the information helps ensure the most accurate permit is written.

4. Mark Property Corners - You will need to find the Iron stakes that are in the ground or have surveyor stakes indicating property corners. If these corners are not found and the lot is not prepared per the applications no work can be performed.

5. Fee - Application Fee is due at the time of application submittal.Existing System Application