Child Care & School Inspection Program


Child Care

Child Care Centers are required to be licensed by the Division of Child Development. However, sanitation inspections of Child Care Centers are the responsibility of Environmental Health Specialists who are authorized representatives enforcing state rules and regulations. Sanitation inspections are conducted at least once during each six month period. Violations observed during the sanitation inspection are documented as demerit deductions.

Compliance Ratings

Child Care Center compliance ratings are classified as:
  • Superior (0-15 demerits)
  • Approved (16-30 demerits)
  • Provisional (31-45 demerits)
  • Disapproved (46 or more demerits).

Provisional Ratings

Any six demerit violation warrants a Provisional rating for the center. A center receiving a Provisional rating is required to undergo an additional inspection within seven days to ensure the six demerit items has been corrected. If the six demerit item has been corrected and no other six demerit violations are observed, a Superior or Approved rating will be posted. If the violation which resulted in the Provisional rating has not been corrected, the rating will then become a disapproved rating.


School buildings are required to be inspected annually by Environmental Health Specialists who are authorized representatives enforcing state rules and regulations to ensure compliance with Rules Governing The Sanitation of Public, Private, and Religious Schools. Upon completing the evaluation, the Environmental Health Specialist will discuss non compliant items with the principal or a designee.

Grading is based on a 10 point grading scale and is scored as follows:
  • Grade A 90-100 %
  • Grade B 80-89.5 %
  • Grade C 70-79.5 %


A school receiving a score of less than 70% will be classified as unapproved. Upon receiving an unapproved rating or if hazardous conditions are observed, the Environmental Health Specialist must notify the school superintendent immediately. Sanitation grade cards are not posted in school buildings.