Repairing a Septic System

Repair Process

The repair process is applied for when an owner / owner legal representative has a septic system that is malfunctioning (failing) and needs to get it fixed. You cannot fix the septic system, nor can a septic installer fix the malfunctioning (failing) septic system without a permit from the Health Department.

Repair Permit

In order to obtain a repair permit you must apply by filling out the application and providing the necessary paperwork to our office. Once the paperwork has been submitted an inspector / sanitarian will go on-site to determine what is wrong with the malfunctioning system and what needs to be done to correct the problem.

A repair permit accompanied by a detailed plot plan will be issued showing what actions need to be taken to correct the problem. Once a permit is issued the malfunctioning septic system can be fixed.

Repair Permit Application Process

The following needs to be done to apply:

1. Application - The application needs to be filled out and it has specific instructions on how to prepare the lot for the repair evaluation so that your wait time is not extended.

If you are not the owner at the time of applying, then you will need an Owner's Legal Representative Form filled out by the owner giving you permission to apply for this.

2. Map of Property with dimensions - You need to obtain a map with accurate dimensions of your property. On your map, please indicate if known the septic location. View property map.

3. Mark Property Corners - You will need to find the Iron stakes in the field or have surveyor stakes indicating the property corners.

4. Fee - There is no fee for this service at this time