Salary Administration

Starting salaries for all positions will be from the minimum to the midpoint of the assigned pay grade. The starting salary recommendation must consider factors including, but not limited to, employee's education and special certifications, relevant experience, and the salaries and relative experience of current staff in comparable positions.

When fully qualified applicants are unavailable, and there is no trainee progression for the classification of the vacancy, employees may be hired below the minimum in a work-against status.

The County will review the pay plan annually and consider adjusting the plan or ranges as needed to reflect changes in the cost of living, and to take into consideration the market rate paid by other public and private employers in the area.

The County maintains a pay for performance plan to reward employees that are performing at levels that qualify for a pay for performance salary increase. A standardized performance appraisal system is used and employees are evaluated based on their anniversary date in current position.

Class Descriptions

Class descriptions are used for all regular county positions. Class descriptions have a general definition of work, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemption status, essential functions of the position, skills and abilities, minimum education and requirements, physical requirements, and any special requirements for the position.

Our pay ranges are identified by pay grade number with 60% between the minimum and maximum pay and 4% between pay grades.

Classification List and Pay Plan
Class Descriptions