Public Records

The majority of Environmental Health records are public records. These records are important for a variety of reasons. Individuals may need certain records for real estate transactions while everyone can benefit from knowing the sanitation scores of their favorite dining establishments. Every day we fulfill numerous requests for copies of records.

Public Record Access can be found at Citizen Access 

Record Storage & Access

Most records are stored in an electronic format. Paper records are stored and filed by owner's name, facility's name, or subdivision/mobile home park name. 

With current available technology we can locate most records by simply knowing the address of the property but the more information someone has the better. Knowing who the previous owners of the property were can be helpful; also, knowing the lot, block, and section number of the subdivision or mobile home park can help us find the correct permit.

Records Request

A Public Records Request needs to be submitted via email to   or to  . Requests made by phone are discouraged. 

Useful Documents