Land - Researching Property

The following links are for informational purposes only and are provided to help you get started in researching the property. The County of Onslow makes no representations as to unforeseen encumbrances on the property or exact property boundaries. Properties are sold "as is." It is up to the bidder to investigate the property for all liens, judgments, taxes, or other encumbrances. It is recommended that you consider retaining an attorney to do the research and provide title research. It is also the responsibility of the bidder to verify the property with regard to size, zoning, and development potential to see if the land is suitable for building on, to the extent that the bidder is satisfied and understands what is being acquired.


For questions regarding what can be built on a property, you may contact: Onslow County Planning, Zoning/Code Enforcement Division at 910-455-3661.