The Water & the Wood

Imagine traveling back through time following the paths of ancient waterways and trails to Onslow's earliest beginnings. This journey began millions of years ago as the area we know as Onslow County emerged from beneath the ocean revealing a geologic history rich in fossils and a landscape changed and shaped by the forces of nature.

Water and Wood Exhibit

Community Transformation

Stand in awe at the 38 feet dugout canoe crafted by our native people at least 700 years ago. After the disappearance of these native peoples, settlers arrived in the early 18th century from other colonies as well as from the British Isles, France, Germany, and Africa.

Witness the transformation of Onslow County from a sparsely populated rural area to a thriving group of communities as diverse as the people who settled here nearly 300 years ago. Experience this and more while enjoying our long term exhibit, The Water and the Wood.