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Order In The Court

In honor of the opening of a new Courthouse in downtown Jacksonville at the beginning of 2019, the museum has opened an exhibit on the judicial history of the county. The exhibit explores the construction of courthouses and jails, the evolution of law enforcement, and the business of the court from the colonial period to the present. Come discover a crime scene and explore evidence as a Crime Scene Investigator. Get up close and personal with artifacts from the former jail, some created by inmates. Imagine yourself sentenced to time in the stocks or pillory as onlookers throw rotted fruit and mud. Connect with those who lived in the county centuries ago who attended court for many of the same reasons we find ourselves there today. The exhibit opens on January 25, 2020, and will remain open until May 31.

Check out the exhibit content panels by clicking the images below.

General History
Court House
Court Business
Court Officials
Legal Code
Law Enforcement
Stocks and Pillory

Interview with OCSO CSI Lt. David Evans about the exhibit's crime scene.

Title panel
1737 courthouse
cell door
1730s jail
1855 jail