Museum Collections



The museum is proud to join institutions around the world in sharing coloring pages from our collections. Download and print this PDF of three coloring sheets depicting sections of the museum's permanent exhibit, The Water and The Wood!

Onslow County Museum actively pursues the acquisition of artifacts for the museum's collection that are related to or relevant to the history of Onslow and the surrounding region. Once under the museum’s care, they are registered, researched, cataloged and stored according to standard museum practices employed by the Collections department.

Collection Categories

The scope of the approximately 6,000 object collection is diverse but at the same time specific, including these major categories:

  • Archival materials such as historic documents and books
  • Agricultural tools, textiles
  • Household items
  • Photographic images.

Many of these artifacts are used in both permanent and temporary exhibits that reflect either the history of Onslow County or an aspect of history that is of interest to the general public.

Additional Information

For more information contact Collections Manager, Emily Baker.

  1. History Spotlight

    During World War Two the Army implemented an arts and crafts program in order to boost soldier morale. This program was first introduced during October of 1941 in Onslow County at Camp Davis in Holly Ridge. These images, part of the George Lee Johnson collection, were created by soldiers stationed at Camp Davis in 1943. They belong to a collection containing several more depictions of camp life as well as artifacts belonging to Johnson while serving in the Army. 

    To learn more about the Army's Arts and Crafts program visit their website.
    Bivouac at Camp Davis