Historic Photographic Image Requests

Onslow County Museum employs a photographic reproduction policy to protect and preserve the historic images held in the collection of the Onslow County Museum while also making them available to the public, other institutions, organizations, researchers, writers, etc. All photographic images, copy negatives, or slides remain the property of the Onslow County Museum.

Image Copy Request Procedure

Anyone interested in acquiring a copy or copies of a photographic image held in the collection of the Onslow County Museum should make an appointment to view photocopies of the photographs organized in binders filed in the Museum's Conference/Research Room.

After determining which image(s) are needed, the patron may then fill out the Photo Request Permission 2016 (PDF) requesting the images and permission to reproduce or publish. Administrative fees will be charged per single request for private or commercial use.

Additional Information

Please contact Chance Hellmann for more information or to make an appointment.